Academic Writing


Thursday, October 28, 2021

2:00 pm

Writing is an integral part of the MPhil/PhD research process in architecture, from day 1 to delivery, not a ‘writing up’ afterthought. Through writing, architecture has been established and propagated as a form of knowledge and as a distinct professional practice, both existing in multiple and ever-developing models and styles. Written analyses, description and argument are major supplements to design in architecture. Writing, together with its attendant skills, is a crucial element of students developing critical, creative and independent positions within architecture, and the workshop programme reflects that. Inhabiting your writing early in the process, and throughout it, enables optimum communication of research, whether in the thesis itself or in conference papers and journal articles. Students develop skills, concepts and ideas for ‘translating’ their research into writing expertly, with precision and nuance, at all stages of the process.

This session will look at editing: positions, voices and audiences. Building on the outcomes of the writing brief, we will be considering approaches to edit your work according to its intended use and readership, developing the necessary skills and tools.

This event is part of the
Documentary Research & Writing Seminars

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