Adam Lowe




Adam Lowe is the director of the Factum Arte and founder of FactumFoundation for Digital Technology in Conservation. Lowe created Factum Arte in2001, a multidisciplinary workshop focused on the use of digital tools for theproduction of works for contemporary artists, and in 2009 founded Factum Foundationto integrate the innovative technologies established by Factum Arte in order topreserve, document, study, recreate and disseminate cultural heritage sitesthroughout the world. The innovations within the fields of preservation andtechnology include the Veronese’s Wedding at Cana, the cave of Kamukuwaká,Brasil, Caravaggio’s St Matthews, and the tombs of Thutmosis III, Tutankhamunand Seti I in Egypt. In 2014 Factum Foundation received the Apollo Award forDigital Innovation of the Year. Lowe has taught as an adjunct professor at theMS Historic Preservation at Columbia University, New York. In 2019 he was madeRoyal Designer for Industry by the British Royal Society of Arts.


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