Analysis of Melbourne Cricket Ground following a play, Copyright: Yakim Milev, 2020

Yakim Milev



Defining Architectural Typologies

Through Structural Topologies and Machine Learning

This practice-led research project aims to explore how a systematic analysis of design practice can inform the creation of machine learning design models that incorporate both architectural and structural engineering design approaches and how these have an impact on the different stages of the life of a building. The research also asks whether it is possible to incorporate functional and environmental changes over time within the original design and what are the specific requirements for the integration of these projected changes. In the first part, the research focuses on housing as primary research typology, while in the second part aims to expanding these findings to a study towards places of public assembly.


Yakim Milev is an architect and PhD candidate at the RCA School of Architecture. He teaches at London South Bank University focusing on digital technologies and robotic fabrication. Yakim has studied architecture at South Bank University achieving a distinction for his master’s degree thesis and the 2014 South Bank University Award for Excellence in Architectural Design. Previously he also completed a BA in Communication at Inholland University Rotterdam in 2008. Yakim has worked on a number of sports, large-scale infrastructure and interior design projects at KSS, Aecom, Populous, Conran and Partners, Architects of Invention and 4M Architecture.

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