Climate Justice

Climate Justice brings together researchers from across the programmes of the School of Architecture on the foundational premise that environments are entangled hybrids of social, material-energetic and ecological relations, and that there are no social questions that do not enfold ecological relations, and no ecological relations that do not enfold social and political forces. We ask how do we even approach thinking about our condition of ecological and climate emergency when many of our very categories and concepts for thinking environmentally emerged through practices of colonial geopolitical violence and exploitation?

Whilst all programmes and studios within the School confront the realities of a changing environment, the research of the Climate Justice group includes work on forensic environmental analysis, environmental law, rights of future generations, the potential for organising the spatial demands associated with climate justice demands within the emerging Green New Deal debates and plans, and understanding and representing the complex and changing environments of the capitalocene and the role that architectural and urban thinking might play in shaping processes of environmental change organised around demands for an ecocide law and a process of restorative and regenerative environmental justice.

RCA School of Architecture Research Group - Climate Justice