Godofredo Pereira

Head of Programme, Environmental Architecture / City Design




Godofredo Enes Pereira is an architect and researcher. He is the Head of Programme for the MA Environmental Architecture and the MA City Design. For the past decade, Godofredo Enes Pereira has been conducting research, publishing and exhibiting on environmental architecture and collective politics. His doctoral research titled ‘The Underground Frontier: Technoscience and Collective Politics’ investigated political and territorial conflicts within the planetary race for underground resources. He was a member of Forensic Architecture where he led the Atacama Desert project, an investigation of environmental and human rights violations in the Atacama Desert. He is currently working on the publication of Ex-Humus; developing research on The Lithium Triangle, across Chile, Bolivia and Argentina, and is a Co-I on the project “Scales of Climate Justice” funded by the British Academy.

Godofredo's research investigates architecture’s role in both historical and contemporary anti-capitalist struggles, with a focus on environmental and ecological disputes. Current work examines the importance of exhumations for political communities’ reimagination of their relation to the earth in the context of conflicts over resource extraction in Latin America. Godofredo’s work is equally concerned with the trans-scalar architectural projects that emerge from these processes.

Research Interests: Ecologies of existence, environmental conflicts, environmental semiotics, climate change, resource extraction, radical politics, social movements, militant research.


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