Architecture PhD


Working at the intersection of theory, research, media and critical-spatial-practices, the MPhil/PhD Programme in Architecture supports experimental research-intensive, practice-led and interdisciplinary theses aiming for tangible public and social impact and challenges dominant social, political, and economic conventions. The Programme fosters research into the history and politics of architecture and design at the intersection of critical ecological, new materialism, and digital humanities. The programme is investigating the diverse ways in which urbanists, architects, designers and other cultural producers have negotiated crises associated with globalization, migration and statelessness, the hauntings of empire and the colonial present, and the growing biopolitical conflicts around ecology and climate change.

We support written academic research in the history and theory of architecture and design, but are especially interested in practice-led and experimental research relevant to diverse research careers in academia, curatorial studies, and critical conservation. We encourage establishing real world collaborations with industry-based research groups, leading design practices, policymakers, social and environmental justice groups, human rights organisations and cultural institutions.

We particularly welcome research proposals aligned with the strategic areas of research in the School of Architecture: Architecture & Social Movements,  Institutional Forms & Practices, Climate Justice, Critical Materialities & Digital Detection, as well as the work of the Laboratory for Design & Machine Learning. All research themes encourage interdisciplinary research, engagements with new media and aim to find new models of collaboration between academic and non-academic institutions or partners.

Career Opportunities

PhD study leads to a range of opportunities. You might become a lecturer or academic researcher, digital media practitioner, designer or consultant in industry, curator in leading cultural institutions worldwide, or work in international institutions such as NGOs and charities. It is an opportunity for you to investigate a research question or issue in depth, enabling you to take a more reflective, more innovative role in design.


Ines Weizman
Head of PhD Programme

School of Architecture
Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore, London



Rosa Ainley
Writing Alexandra Palace: Plurivocity as a Method of Cultural Recovery of Buildings

Raül Avilla Royo
Community Architecture. New protocols and Disciplinary Shifts in Barcelona

Dan Brackenbury
The Ragpicker's Topology. Investigative Photographic Surveying as a Tool for the Evocation of Urban Character

Kamil Dalkir
Objects. Bodies. Territories: The Political and Economic Calculus of Border Regimes

Francesca Dell'Aglio
From Ritual to Habit: London an Anthropology of Collective Forms 

Bruna Ferreira Montuori
Practices of Narration: Spatial Practices that Guarantee the Right to the City in the Neighbourhood of Maré, Rio de Janeiro.

Francesca Forlini
From Within: Uncovering Cultural Domesticity

Beatrice Galilee
A Taxonomy of Architecture at The Met

Eleni Han
The Predominant Image: Architecture Recaptured by the Emancipation of Photography

Elisavet Hasa
Infrastructures of Solidarity in Athens. Prototypical Designs & Protocol Systems

Sophie Johnson
Heritage Perspectives

Yakim Milev
Bridging the Impossible. Defining Architectural Typologies Through Structural Topologies and Machine Learning

Seyithan Ozer
Interior Complex. Standardisation in London's Existing Housing Stock

Maria Paez Gonzalez
Supreme (In)formality. The Mastery of Silicon Valley's 'Tech' Corporate Architectures

Ioana Petkova
In Common. New Alliances for Owning, Sharing and Dwelling in London

Colin Polwarth
Autonomous Vehicles. The Built Environment and Associated Semiotics 

Paul Priest
Compliance by Design, or The Architecture of Regulatory Compliance

Francisco j. Quintana
Urban Cold War: Development Politics of US Housing Operation in the Third World during the 1970s

Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa
Remittance Urbanism: On the Governance of Transnational Communities across the US and Mexico

Malgorzata Barbara Starzynska
Architecture of Dreams: Machine Learning for Space Recognition 

Anak Warakanyaka
Inhabiting the Street as Interior Practice in Bangkok

Georgia White
Counter-work: Methodologies for Design Platforms and Popular Organisations